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Thinking about selling, but unsure what you can do to make your home stand out from the crowd? Let us help.

Thinking about what you can do to help prepare your home for sale can seem never ending. Questioning whether you should paint the exterior, fix some holes, remodel the kitchen, the list can go on. However there are some proven tips we can help you with to properly get home looking its best, no matter the condition.

Josh and Bryce believe there are 6 key steps anyone can easily achieve to getting their house ready for sale.

  • Painting/Touch-ups and Repairs

  • Gardening

  • House Cleaning/Washing

  • Decluttering and Depersonalising

  • Curb Appeal

Before you get worried, some of these tasks might be too big for you to achieve. We have an awesome group of friendly and cost effective tradesmen who are ready to help.

Paint Roller

Painting/Touch-ups and Repairs

Do you have a few marks on your walls? A few windows that just won’t open? or maybe a door handle that keeps popping off. Little things can leave lasting impressions of the quality of your property, good or bad. Imagine for a second you walk into an old villa or bungalow and every window can open and close without ‘sticking’, immediately you will think this property has been well take care of. Whether your property could do with some fresh paint, or just small touch-ups and repairs, having this completed before you market your property can be an easy way to give the feel of a quality and healthy home.

The popular painting colours; Interior Walls Resene Black/White, Trim Resene Alabaster, Exterior Walls Resene Silver Chalice or Quarter Heathered Grey, Trim Resene Sea Fog.

Backyard Washing


Theres nothing worse than seeing a mess outside, this could be a customers first or lasting impression of the property. Well maintained garden, hedges, planters and lawns are all great selling points to any customer. Remember that most Auckland properties are getting less outdoor space and gardens to work with, so maximising the space and usability of the outdoor area is very attractive in the current market.

House Cleaning/Washing

This one might seem obvious, however a clean interior and exterior can be a cheap and quick way to add value to your property. Remembering these key areas; front and back of the exterior, kitchen and bathrooms, decking/patio, walls and celling and last key area is the roof. How clean should your home be? Clean as if your mother-in-law is coming to stay.

Backyard Washing

Decluttering and Depersonalising

This we would say is the most important tip. Firstly, take out everything you absolutely don’t need for daily life. Now take out some more. When you visit a show-home the first thing you notice is that they have a ridiculously small amount of furniture, but they do that on purpose. The more you take out of a room, the bigger it will feel to a prospective buyer. Leave prints and paintings on the wall (and a few personal photos to make it feel homely), but clear any surfaces like the tops of bookcases, the front of your fridge, the entire kitchen bench and dining tables, desks etc.

Hire a storage unit if you need to, and feel free to use your garage for storage. As long as buyers can walk into your garage and see how big it is, it’s ok to fill it with boxes and some furniture. A garage is a garage for most people.

Now you can dress for success! Borrow nice furniture from friends and family if you can, invest in new curtains if needed, and buy a new shower curtain if you have one. New duvet covers are essential – keep it simple and neutral. If this step seems too hard, staging is an effective tool to overcome this.


Curb Appeal

Lastly curb appeal, is a great way to give a great all important first impression (whether that is in person or online). A freshly painted front door with new handle/lock, clean house and windows, groomed garden, pressure washed pavers/driveway and a beautiful fence. These take your home from feeling drab to looking like a million bucks, and it gives every buyer the opportunity to see the potential of your property like you do. We all think we know what is the most beautiful home on the street, but that is just reading a book by its cover, so why not give your home the best cover page possible?

Pro-touch? Try Professional Staging

When you hire a staging company to either part or completely stage your property, you are hiring an expert whose profession is to make your home look the part for photos, videos and viewings. They are experts at matching furniture and colours to a space/home, while increasing the ever important size and feel of the rooms. However, they do not just stop at the interior. They can completely transform an outdoor space to give the indoor/outdoor flow which all kiwis love.

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